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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Coloring Pages

Today's collection of Strawberry Shortcake coloring pages is for my daughter. I must admit that I myself am not such a big fan of Strawberry Shortcake. That's probably natural since I'm a male. When I was a kid all of the girls in my class liked Strawberry Shortcake. But I was busy playing with Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Masters of the Universe (He-Man). But I see how much joy my little daughter gets out of Strawberry Shortcake so I appreciate it and think it's a great series!

Strawberry Shortcake coloring pages with hula hoops!
Strawberry Shortcake coloring pages on lawn with ladybug
Strawberry Shortcake beach umbrella coloring pages
Strawberry shortcake coloring pages with heart shaped border
Strawberry shortcake coloring page of giant cupcake
Strawberry Shortcake coloring pages with basket of strawberries to eat
Strawberry shortcake picnic coloring sheets
Strawberry shortcake coloring pages: Books Make Good Friends Too!

I hope the Strawberry Shortcake coloring pages up above bring a little bit of joy to your child's day. They're lovely positive images! Be sure to have a look at some other coloring page collections and see if there's anything else your kids will enjoy. See you again!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Nickelodeon Coloring Pages

Nickelodeon is one of the most successful cartoon and animation cable tv stations in history. It boasts some of the most famous cartoon characters in the world, produces major animated motion pictures, and has a network of international stations around the world. When I visited a friend in Dubai, I saw Nickelodeon Arabia with all the characters speaking Arabic! Talk about global!

Here is a small sample of the countless cool characters from the Nickelodeon family. These Nickelodeon coloring pages are a fun chance for your kids to be creative and color while enjoying their favorite cartoon characters.

Blue's Clues from Nickelodeon coloring pages to print.

Happy birthday, Blue! Free Nickelodeon coloring pages of Blue's Clues.

Free coloring pages of Nickelodeon characters like Blue from Blue's Clues.

Free Nickelodeon coloring pages of Dora Explorer.

Dora Explorer Nickelodeon coloring pages for free.

Jimmy Neutron from Nickelodeon coloring pages for free print out.

Free coloring pages of Nickelodeon characters like Jimmy Neutron for kids to enjoy coloring.

Free Nickelodeon coloring pages featuring Rugrats.

Rugrats Nickelodeon coloring page pictures for free download.

Free Nickelodeon coloring pages of characters like Spongebob Squarepants for kids to print.

Thanks for having a look at these free Nickelodeon coloring pages. I hope they've brightened up your day and made you want to watch Nickelodeon even more. They're the premier cartoon network with all the animation you'll ever need for your kids.

dora and chick coloring pages

dora the explorer, dora coloring pages
dora and chick coloring pages

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Monday, 22 March 2010

Bouquet of Roses - Flowers Coloring Pages

Flowers Coloring Pages, Kids Coloring Pages
Bouquet of Roses - Flowers Coloring Pages

Animal Coloring Sheet " Beetle " Free Pictures Drawing For Kids

Animal " Beetle " Coloring Pages Sheet
Because i like with animal , this animal coloring pages share for another people who also like with animal. You can start give this beetle coloring sheet to your kids, you will see your kids happy and enjoy drawing animal pictures.

Get Free Sun Flowers Coloring Pages for Kids

Coloring Pages, Kids Coloring Pages
Get Free Sun Flowers Coloring Pages for Kids

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Beautiful picture barbie coloring pages

2011 coloring pages, kids coloring pagesBeautiful picture barbie coloring pages

Super mario coloring pages

Transformers Coloring Books

When I was a kid, perhaps the cartoon and kind of toy I was most incredibly passionate about was Transformers. So I'm very excited to bring to you today this collection of sheets taken from Transformers coloring books.

I collected Transformers toys from Hasbro when I was a kid. I think I had all of the main characters and many other minor characters. I even had the huge Metroplex transformer that turned into a city/Decepticon base.

The animated Transformer series was also incredibly cool! I get excited remembering it. I bet you can find it on Youtube.

Here are some Transformers coloring sheets for you and your kids to enjoy together!

Good conquers evil in these Transformers Coloring Books.

Robots appear to humans in these Transformers coloring sheets.

Transformers coloring pictures of Megatron and the other evil Decepticons.

Optimus Prime talks to Bumble Bee in this Transformers Coloring books excerpt page.

Transformers coloring sheets of Starscream zooming through the sky.

Transformers coloring books pictures of truck (Optimus Prime I think).

Optimus gets Primed up in these Transformers coloring sheets for kids to print.

Transformers coloring books often include police car picture like this, but I don't know this character's name.

Robot ready to fight in action for these Transformers coloring pictures to print for kids.

Another truck--is it Cliffjumper? I can't keep track of all the characters in these transformers coloring sheets! I have to ask my son.

Free Transformers coloring books of Cliffjumper, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, etc.

The Autobot symbol is often found on the cover or back cover of Transformers coloring books.

Tranformers coloring sheets showing the Autobot named Bumblebee.

More Transformers coloring books pictures of characters like Cliffjumper, Megatron, Starscream, Blitzwing, etc.

I hope you enjoyed these free Transformers coloring pictures. Be sure to check back often because I plan to add new updates such as Dinobots!! And I upload new coloring page collections frequently. See you soon!